Use our mortgage calculators below to get a quick idea of how much you could borrow, how much your mortgage will cost on a monthly basis, and also how much your stamp duty will be.

Mortgage calculators are often the first step in looking at what you can afford and how much a bank may be willing to lend to you. While they are a useful tool they do give simplified answers so talk to us about getting the best mortgage deal for you.

Use our mortgage calculators and then make an appointment with us to discuss your personal circumstances and finances so we can find the mortgage products that match your needs perfectly.

Mortgage Calculator

Figure out how much your mortgage will cost monthly.

Use the below calculator to figure out how much your monthly mortgage payment will be or how much just the montly interest is. It is pre-set with an interest rate of 7% but that can be changed to reflect the mortgage of your choice. Then set the number of years and the loan amount and chose to figure total payment or interest only.
*Note: Do not enter any symbols, commas or letters. Enter simple numbers only (i.e., do not enter: £10,000.99 do enter: 10000.99).


Chose whether to calculate the total monthly payment or just monthly interest:

Stamp Duty Calculator

Enter the purchase price of the property below to calculate the total payable stamp duty amount:

How Much Can I Borrow?

This calculator will tell you the amount a bank should be willing to lend you on a mortgage.

This calculator uses the rule of thumb that most mortgage lenders use. The rule of thumb is that they will lend a maximum of 3.25 times the first income plus one times the second income. Alternatively, they will add the two incomes together and multiply that sum by 2.5 times. If this gives a higher figure than the other method, they will use it.
*Note: The only fields that need entered are the ones in green (if there is no 2nd applicant, leave the 0). Please enter plain numbers only. Decimals are okay but no commas or symbols. i.e., do not enter: £10,000.91 do enter: 10000.91

Gross Annual Salary:

Monthly Credit Commitments:

times £ plus £
= £

Or, if this 2nd method is greater, they will use it:
times £ = £